28th October 2016

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We have #upfront speakers.

#upfront: you can't be what you can't see

This means you can be on stage without speaking. Speakers will share the stage with those who want to speak in the future. Get in touch with Bruce if you'd like to participate.

Peter Aitken has confirmed as a speaker. Pete organises the ScotandJS and ScotlandCSS conferences and works at CultivateHQ as a Ruby and JS developer.

Jessica Rose has confirmed as speaker. Jessica is a technologist and educator passionate about fostering more equal access to technical education, digital spaces and meaningful work in technology.

The 5th Northern Lights Conference will take place place on Friday, 28th October in the auditorium of historic King’s College, Aberdeen.

We are introducing a code of conduct this year, which we expect all attendees, sponsors and speakers to follow in order to provide a suitable atmosphere for all participants.


We have an exciting line up of speakers for 2016 as you can see below.





All talks are 30 minutes with ten minute gap between talks.


Peter Aitken

How to be a better member of the community, and get more out of today.


Andrew Garden

The Student Sins micro social network student startup.




David Jones

Engineers and the support relationship with customers at FreeAgent.


Eve Georgieva

A look at the Culture Aberdeen project which she ran for Snook


Open Space Intro

A quick outline of the joys of open space, and how to get the most out of the afternoon.








Fred Grossmann

Developing apps for Alexa using AWS Lambda.




Charlie Egan

Development Re-bundling with Docker


Jessica Rose

Fandom, geeks, and building equitable open source communities.



Our Speakers

We have an exciting roster of speakers for 2016. Covering all aspects of technology, from startups and technology to community building from a variety of perspectives.

Andrew Garden

Andrew Garden helped found Student Sins, which aims to balance the Student lifestyle as micro-social-network of 7 unique apps to balance the student lifestyle. With a growing blend of business and creative talent. The Student Sins team holds promising undergraduates, post-graduates and graduates from RGU, AU and EU alongside professional creative talent from Kreopix.

Charlie Egan

Charlie Egan is a Ruby developer at Unboxed Consulting . When he's not coding, then he's teaching others to code, or out running.

David Jones

Dave Jones is the Lead Support Engineer at FreeAgent - an Edinburgh based company offering SAAS accountancy software for Small Businesses and Sole Traders. Many customers attribute their satisfaction to FreeAgent’s Support Team, comprising both number-savvy Support Accountants and tech-savvy Support Engineers. Dave is always looking for new ways to better serve FreeAgent’s customers, creating tools and tweaking processes for optimal “flow”. He’s also finding his feet as a manager, helping scale FreeAgent's Support alongside its customer base.

Eve Georgieva

With a smartphone in one hand, pen and paper in the other and a voice recorder in her pocket, Eve holds a dual role at Snook, working on communications and research. Eve often refers to the question ‘if technology is the answer, what was the question?’ In her spare time, Eve helps out human rights organisations with the translation of court cases and communications support.

Fred Grossmann

Fred works at the Amazon Development Centre in Edinburgh where he uses AWS lambda to develop apps for Alexa.

Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose is a technologist and educator passionate about fostering more equal access to technical education, digital spaces and meaningful work in technology. She's founded the Open Code meetup series, co-founded Trans*Code and is always excited to hear about great new projects. Find her and tell her about what you've been working on!

Peter Aitken

Peter Aitken is an agile Ruby and JavaScript developer who spends his days working with the awesome team at Cultivate. By night he can be found thinking of ways to make our community more inclusive. In between dog walks, swimming and helping with homework, Peter organises the yearly ScotlandCSS and ScotlandJS conferences.


Without the help of our sponsors we just couldn't run the conference. If you would like to sponsor the 2016 event please check the sponsorship opportunities and get in touch.

Unboxed University of Aberdeen Codify FreeAgent Arnold Clark Cultivate Snook Intelligent Plant Hampton Associates Amazon Development Centre Scotland

Thanks to our sponsors for helping to make Northern Lights 2016 a success.

Who does this? If you have any questions about Northern Lights please get in touch with:

Bruce Scharlau

Bruce is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen.

He is very active in the community, organising events throughout the year, including Codethecity.

Steve Milne

Steve is Solution Architect with Fifth Ring, as well as Northern Lights he organises Codethecity and Refresh Aberdeen, dabbles with training games, and occassionally blogs.

Ian Isted

Ian is a developer at Hampton Associates. He loves app development, enjoys working on pet projects, and tinkering with electronics.